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Andaman’s Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep)

Great experience to the white sand, amazing beaches and clear blue water. A paradise away from home in India. My main agenda was to learn SCUBA diving but I did much more. People are friendly, the town is small considering it’s just a small Island. Havelock Island is still in its developing stage but sure is …

Planning a Trip and New Plans


I am just busy planning a trip to Port Blair this month. Now with this trip, I would have another category for the hobby site. That is scuba dive related, this has to happen at any cost. I have already spent too much on stock for the trip. It will be 7 to 8 days to …

Life Is Better At The Beach

Life is better at the beach. The summers are here and this picture call for a beach tour. Sea is an immediate stress reliever. Hearing to the waves crash on the shore, breath the salty air and feel the oceanic breeze. A simple fact is life is better at the beach. A beach has absolutely nothing …

Going home for few days

Going home

Going home, let the bus journey begin. It is been a while I did the traditional bus service. My afternoon ticket was cancelled at last minute and the reason given by the bus operator is I am the only one who booked. So, they converted my afternoon journey to an overnight journey.