Clicked Pictures of Colourful Corals

by Shaan

I Love clicking Colourful Corals they are animals which live in the ocean. These pictures are not clicked underwater they are aquarium pictures. They are just so colourful and sometimes click a good picture with all its colors is tough. So, adjust some of the settings on the camera and there you have it. This was clicked with DSLR without the flash. Most times flash bounces off the glass and shines back in the picture.

Colourful Corals

These Colourful Corals stay at one place and it is not that difficult compared to fish and other moving animals and birds. If you have a subject which moves a lot, you would know how difficult is to click with full colors blown out. Plus, these corals blow out only under blue lights and these are under LED’s which are the worst light when it comes to clicking. So, was adding filters is a good choice.

There are plenty of places where one can purchase different color lens filters. These filters are not very expensive and easy to use. I will later put some great fish pictures I clicked which is a little more difficult as they keep moving. Anyway, looking for a subject for the hobby is a good way to sharpen your abilities and get more experience with camera settings.

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