Direct traffic is better than organic

by Shaan
Direct traffic is better than organic

Direct traffic is one which come to your site by just putting your domain name in the browser. On the other hand, organic comes from other sites i.e. Google search, Facebook, Twitter. So, I dug up on my search result and found getting traffic directly means, either the person has bookmarked your site or just remembers it.

Now, how many of us go in to Google Search and then type Facebook or type Twitter. Not much we straight go to the browser and type; I do the same for few sites. I even have bookmarks for few of them so, comparing direct vs organic is something one should know. If your domain name goes like very difficult you need help of organic but and name is easy, direct traffic is what you get. YouTube is easy we all remember the domain so when you want to visit this site what do you do. Google states domain names don’t matter much, that’s because they want you to be on the search platform.

Organic will get you new viewers whereas direct are your regular. You would get direct traffic if you are creating good content. People might just bookmark your domain and that’s exactly you want. Most of us create a site and then do tons of SEO work for better search result if you get direct traffic you just need to concentrate on your content. One would only rank up in the search results if clicks happen from the search portal direct has no impact on it.

Conclusion Direct traffic is better than organic

Do SEO for some bit and then just concentrate on your content. All niche site needs the direct traffic more that organic search. Ranking one on search result only means you will get new people on to your site. Direct are loyal, and we need more of the loyal folks.

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