Organized my online accounts today

by Shaan

Organized my online accounts today. Linking is so important and my link was a mess. Like today I got approval so monetizing this site so organized most of the links. Had to delete the G+ account for MH was give some no-follow back links. As its gonna be closed soon so doesn’t really matter much. Now things look so organized, MH and TL are part of this site down below.

Now the total sites become 3 all monetized. Great work I think what I did but only after a few weeks, we would come to know the outcome on the web. The rest day was a lazy one as most of the action will happen at night. Trying some new Speech to Text apps as typing becomes a pain and is a time-consuming affair.

Will also be removing some tags and categories from this site for a more organized structure. Hate it when and tags and categories mess up the site structure. So, it is going to be some redirects and custom links. It is easy to say but takes time to work. I am going to use some plugins to help me compelet the this issue.

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