Photography is an art

by Shaan

Photography is an art and science of Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Exposure and Much More. Over the years the technology advancement has made a camera more complex. There is a long history associated with this hobby but we are not here to talk about the past. These days choosing the right camera and clicking a picture is one of the most difficult parts of the process. Photography is one of the most liked and followed hobby in the world for this passion you just need an eye to click.

It can be very frustrating in the start, I was too. But as you go on this Photography hobby grows on to you. There is so much to see and capture as every human has a different angle of eyeing. Just to make it more difficult, technology bring new advancement to the table every time. Camera from simple Point and Shoot to DSLR to Action Camera are every changing.

Knowing your camera or just clicking a picture is just one part but there is much more in the hobby. I bought my first real digital SLR after using many of the traditional gadgets. These days even our cell phones have much power to click pictures which are wonders. So, buying expensive equipment is no longer required for the hobby.

Tag around and we will start our small journey in the world of Photography.

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